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Team leasing gives you access to a cross-functional team, composed of specialists from various fields and tailored precisely for a specific project. Leasing a team from us means you get a vetted group of individuals who have experience working with each other, follow the same work procedures and share the same company values.The team you need will be determined by your project requirements. In some situations, a project will require more developers, in other cases, you might need more data scientists or testers, and sometimes, a fully cross-functional team. Our teams can consist of cloud consultants, data engineers, data scientists, developers, testers, scrum masters, project managers, team leads and more.We take responsibility for project delivery, hitting deadlines and staying within budget. All you need to worry about is the scope of work.

Skip the onboarding

Get immediate access to a full team of subject matter experts who already have excellent synergy and are ready to hit the ground running.

Save on recruiting and placement fees

We will choose (and find) the right team members for you. Pay only for the hours the team spends working on your project.

React quickly to changes

Chop and change your team as you need to depending on project requirements. Only pay for the resources you need at a given stage in your project’s lifecycle.

No micromanagement

The team is fully-managed by us. Leave the project requirements and implementation details with our dedicated project manager and they’ll ensure the required work gets done.

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