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Got an old cloud project or system that needs managing? Leave it to us

Businesses often rely on an old system that they no longer have the skills to manage or maintain. For example, a legacy system that was built by a lone developer who has since resigned, or by an IT company they are no longer partnered with.If your business is old enough, there’s every chance that it relies on a number of legacy systems like this. Systems that are expensive to manage but so widely used that they are too complicated to fully replace.Our support team can handle the day-to-day management of these legacy systems. We will keep an eye on security, storage, memory usage and more to make sure that they stay online, secure and cost-effective.

Focus on development

Let us handle the cloud while your team focuses on adding value for your customers, clients and staff.

Keep innovating

We proactively identify opportunities for you to improve your architecture and extract more value from your cloud tools.

Guarantee uptime

Sudden spikes in traffic and usage can cause web services to slow down and affect availability. We make sure the demand on your system never exceeds its capabilities.

Keep costs down

Regular reviews of your usage and tools help us identify opportunities for cost reduction.

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