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Data migration is a critical component for any organisation looking to achieve digital maturity. Given the increasing complexity of data, migrating company data can be a risky exercise. Without the right strategy, planning, design and testing, a poorly executed data migration project can lead to downtime, business disruption or worse – loss of data.

Our cloud-certified team of engineers will help you plan and execute a data migration that is quick, safe and seamless. Thus ensuring that your day-to-day operations are unaffected and that all business operations continue without downtime, loss of service or disruption.

We offer Data Migration services both to and from all major cloud platforms including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. As well as data migrations between platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2, MySQL and many others.

Low total cost of ownership

Cloud data warehouses allow you to manage spend by only purchasing as little or as much compute power and storage as needed.

Improved speed and performance

Cloud data warehouses are the only way to keep up with the growing number of data sources and allow for fast, data-driven decisions.

Better security

Cloud data warehouses offer a number of additional ways to safeguard data. Cloud encryption services, multi-factor authentication and virtual private networks greatly reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Better disaster recovery

In a cloud data warehouse, your data is always backed up across multiple locations and redundant servers. With your data in a cloud data warehouse, no flood, fire or natural disaster will touch your company's data.

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